Birdwatch Flight School: Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University

Virtual Studio Visit:

Birmingham City University

Over the last nine months, the way we work has changed dramatically. For this Flight School, The Charles hosted students from Birmingham City University for a Virtual Studio Tour to discuss how the shift to WFH has touched all aspects of work life at our studio.  

WFH: Productivity and Creativity in The New Normal

We led a presentation that covered:

  • How to navigate the current Job Market
  • Internships: How to grow into a Full Time Position
  • Content Production: Physically Distanced Photoshoots
  • Team Collaboration: Challenges and Insights
  • Q&A

Students were presented with a 1-day brief, designed to give them a taste of what a real life brief feels like in an agency environment. 

The Brief outlined an opportunity to brand a hypothetical brand extension for BBC broadcasting targeting the younger generation in the UK and abroad. Student submissions were extensive and thought provoking, but one group’s submission really stood out.

The winning submission: “Channel Z”

Channel Z is a viewing platform that explores two extremes of the world’s youngest generation; tragedy and comedy.

Submitted by Issy Conn, Becca Pell, Beth Montroy, Dan Whitehouse of Birmingham City University, we were blown away by the student’s research, strong branding identity and creative social marketing strategy. This team has proven that they understand what it takes to build a strong brand in the real world. Kudos!


Moving Forward

By hosting student groups and continuing to share our knowledge of agency life, The Charles hopes to inspire a new generation of young talent to achieve and succeed.  

Interested in joining us? Apply for our Visual Design Internship to get a one of a kind experience. To be considered, please send your resume and portfolio to